Waterlock Micromesh 5″ Gutter Guard Leaf Protection

Micromesh is made with a heavy .027 gauge painted aluminum. Color-matched ½ zip screws are included. Micromesh fits right on top of the gutter and is double banded for easy installation and no sharp edges or damage to your roof. Micromesh uses an innovative pressing technology like no other that secures stainless steel mesh into the aluminum frame safely. The installation uses a 1” margin notching system that is pressed on top of each other, allowing seamless and strong transitions. Micromesh will not gather rust or degrade over time, controls the flow of water, and slows down the flow of heavy downpours.

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Why Waterlock Micromesh Gutter Guard?

KEEPS EVERYTHING OUT – Micromesh keeps leaves, pine needles, shingle debris, dirt, pollen, seeds, birds, pests and furry friends from entering the roofline while handling the heaviest downpours and other harsh weather conditions. PLUS… it solves leakage problems, allowing absolutely no leak stains or marks. It also stops birds and squirrels from building nests in your gutters. SMALLER HOLES slow down heavy rain so that EXCESSIVE WATER WILL NOT OVERFLOW.

NO OVERFLOW – Micromesh is our strongest gutter protection technology that withstands the harshest of weather conditions.

NO MORE LADDER CLIMBING – Micromesh gutter protection also prevents clogging & solves all your gutter problems!

EASY INSTALLATION – Micromesh is easy to install but does require professional installation. It has a MODERN DESIGN. The front drip edge requires only 3-4 screws and the back only needs 2 screws. Micromesh 5″ fits 5″ residential or commercial gutters, K-Style hangers, half round, box type and existing metal, flat or shingle roofs and comes in 5-foot sections.

PEACE OF MIND – Your days of climbing ladders to clean the gunk out of your gutter system are over. Micromesh fits all gutter types and keeps even the most minor debris out of your gutters so you’ll never have to clean them again! Available in 16 colors. Micromesh is attached to the front & back of the gutter, strengthening the entire gutter system and making it strong enough to handle snow and ice buildup.

LIFETIME AND TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY – Domestic Painted Aluminum 0.27 Gauge & Stainless Steel Mesh Manufactured in the USA. Lifetime transferable 35 Year warranty 30-day MONEY BACK Guarantee insures your Micromesh guards purchase is absolutely 100% RISK-FREE. Our installation process ensures no damage to your roof and no future leakages. The natural painted aluminum colors will not rust or degrade over the lifetime of its use.

Waterlock Micromesh Pro Gutter Guard Features

  • Designed for existing, metal, flat roofs, or older roofs that have shingles that can’t be separated from the roof frame.
  • Fits all types of 5″ gutter systems including 5”, 6” and 7” K styles, half round and box type gutters
  • Thick .027 gauge painted aluminum manufactured in the USA
  • Comes in 5-foot sections and fits right on top of the gutter
  • Innovative pressing technology like no other secures mesh into an aluminum frame safely and allows for seamless and strong transitions
  • Easy to install overlap notching connection system
  • Slows down heavy rain flow & prevents water overflow
  • Keeps out leaves, pine needles, shingle debris, pests, seeds, birds, and furry friends & prevents clogging
  • Will not corrode or rust or degrade over time
  • No damage to your roof during installation and no future leakages
  • Available in 16 color options including copper
  • Only 2 screws are needed for the back & 3 to 4 screws for the drip-edge front section
  • Color-matched ½ zip screws included

Waterlock Micromesh Gutter Guard Colors

Available in the following aluminum colors:  Black, Clay, Cream, Dark Bronze, Dark Gray, Eggshell, Forest Green, High-Gloss White, Light Gray, Musket Brown, Royal Brown, Sand Castle, Scotch Red, Terratone, Wicker

Also available in Copper Micromesh (metal).

Waterlock Micromesh Leaf Protection 522 Gutter Guard Installed

Waterlock Micromesh Leaf Protection 522 Gutter Guard Installed

Waterlock Micromesh Specifications

  • Heavy and durable aluminum and stainless steel design that will not gather rust or degrade over time
  • Fits all types of gutter systems including 5”, 6”, and half round and box type gutters
  • Comes in 5” sections
  • No damage to your roof during installation
  • 16 color options, including copper
Waterlock Micromesh Leaf Protection 5" Gutter Guard Colors

Waterlock Micromesh Leaf Protection 5″ Gutter Guard Colors



Waterlock Gutter Protection, one of the nation's leading gutter protection systems manufacturers. Waterlock has products that are suitable for all types of roofs and needs. Whether you are looking for standard, heavy-duty, or special tech micromesh products, you've come to the right place. Waterlock is considered to be a premium product, one of the finest quality gutter protection systems in the USA!   There are three main product lines of Waterlock Gutter Protection - WATERLOCK Gutter Protection, WATERLOCK Micromesh Gutter Protection, and finally a contractor-grade gutter protection system called WATERLOCK Pro Gutter Protection.



Waterlock Micromesh Leaf Protection Gutter Guard Installation

Waterlock Micromesh Leaf Protection Gutter Guard Installation

Additional information


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Product Dimensions

60" Length per piece


Art of Gutter Manufacturing, Inc., Waterlock

Gutter Size


Profile Design

Metal Mesh

Screws Required


Product Origin


Gutter Shape

Box, Half-Round, K-Style, K-Type

Section Length



35 Year

Weather Volume

High Volume



Keeps Out

Leaves, Pests, Pine Needles, Roof Grit, Seeds


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