GutterSickle – Gutter Cleaning System

The GutterSickle Trowel is the first step in cleaning gutters easily, safely and comfortably from the ground using the GutterSickle system. Its patented locking and gravitational righting features keep the GutterSickle steady and upright to effectively clean out tough buildup, leaves, and debris.

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Cleaning pesky gutters no longer require a ladder and hours of work! Instead, clear clogged gutters safely from the ground with GUTTER SICKLE! An extendable pole and interchangeable attachments make removing and disposing of unwanted buildup a breeze!

The GutterSickle Package includes the 16 ft extendable pole, reinforced cushioned grip, and ergonomically designed extendable clips. Reinforced handle with patented locking feature and gravitationally righting design. GutterSickle Trowel, GutterTickle Brush, GutterWhistle Nozzle, Water resistant storage bag, and two bungee cords (used to strap garden hose to pole).

  • Lightweight 16-foot pole
  • Thin size, deep-pocketed GutterSickle
  • 360° reinforced GutterTickle
  • Quick connect, on/off nozzle GutterWhistle
  • Moisture-wicking storage bag
  • Designed and Patented in the USA

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