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Finally, a middle way between cheap-o gutter screens that quickly clog and full-cover gutter guards that cost an arm! The Gutter Stick keeps gunk out of your downspout, helping to keep your roof and basement dry.

  • It’s like the Ferrari of gutter leaf strainers. Okay, even we think that’s ridiculous, but the point is, it works like a beast! Prevents leaves and gunk from clogging gutters at the downspout, where most clogs occur. Order one Gutter Stick for each downspout.
  • Downspout leaf strainer designed to fit perfectly over your downspout opening with little to no modification. Stays firmly anchored in your gutters and keeps water flowing, even in heavy rain! Ridiculously easy DIY installation.
  • This gutter screen keeps water flowing out of the rain gutter away from your house between scheduled gutter cleanings. You don’t need to be “handy” to install, and it stays firmly anchored in your gutter in all weather.
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Gutter Stick
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Eliminates Downspout Pipe Clogs from Leaves and Debris

Prevents overflowing and clogged gutters, standing water, dry rot, and gutter downspout clogs. Installation is ridiculously easy, and the Gutter Stick keeps the water flowing year long!

Gutter Stick Installation

    Cut Plate to Fit Downspout Opening – Gutter Stick Plate being cut to fit over downspout opening. The Plate snaps to the Gutter Stick and is designed so you can cut the plate with scissors or a similar tool. Cut the plate so it fits in the bottom of the gutter. Allow overlap of the downspout opening. You do not have to make it too exact. Overlap and covering of the downspout are best as long as it fits on the width of the floor of the gutter.
    Gutter Stick Installation Step 1
    Attach Plate to your Gutter Stick – Snap Plate onto the Gutter Stick. The four buttons on the bottom of the plate go toward the bottom of the gutter. Those buttons are designed to keep the plate and Gutter Stick up off the floor of the gutter so water can flow without having to go through the Gutter Stick in light water flow.
    Gutter Stick Installation Step 2
    Install Gutter Stick and Plate into downspout opening – Just place the Gutter Stick into the downspout. There is a special Weight inside the Gutter Stick which guarantees it will not float and limits movement. No need to do anything else. Regular cleanings are needed to ensure proper flow. So clean your gutters, and check downspouts to be sure they are clear and free flowing and clean on a regular schedule.
    Gutter Stick Installation Step 3
    Regular Maintenance Cleanings is OptimalThe Gutter Stick will keep rainwater flowing if you cleaned your gutters first as well as checked and cleaned your downspouts. Once placed in the downspout, the Gutter Stick will protect the downspout opening ensuring no clogs as well as the downward lines. Warning: If your downspouts have debris inside or downward drains that go underground are clogged, that will affect the performance of the water flow. If those are clogged, clear out and you will ensure great water flow.
    Gutter Stick Installation Step 4

    Additional information


    Part Number


    Item Weight

    12 ounces

    Product Dimensions

    ‎14.37 x 4.76 x 2.44 inches


    Gutter Stick


    Screws Required


    Section Length


    Weather Volume




    Gutter Shape

    Box, K-Style, K-Type

    Gutter Size

    4", 6"

    Profile Design

    Plastic Strainer


    Gutter Stick

    The Gutter Stick is specifically engineered for keeping water flowing through gutters, regardless of what nature throws at it.
    Gutter Stick


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