Monarch Pure Copper Lotus Rain Chain – 28519

Monarch Rain Chains has set the standard for premium pure copper and aluminum Rain Chains as an effective replacement standard gutter downspouts and transporting rain water from the gutter. Add them to your home and garden to create a unique outdoor experience.

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Monarch Abode
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Rain Chains open structure and contemporary design continues to play an important role in complementing and serving the needs of today’s modern and contemporary homes. Monarch Rain Chains exclusive designs provide homeowners with a means of adding an architectural accent to the structure of the home with a stylish rain chain.

Copper lasts a long time

Installation hanger included to install the Rain Chain in your gutter outlet with minimal effort. Rain water travels down the Rain Chains to create a visual and soothing experience. Medium cup style Rain Chains can handle light to medium rainfall. Large and X-large cup size Rain Chains can handle medium to heavy rain fall.

  • Movement of water from cup to cup is a joy to behold.
  • Hammered Cup Rain Chain is among our top sellers.
  • Comes equipped with a triangular gutter attachment for easy installation.
  • Develops a beautiful brownish patina on the surface over time

Additional information


Part Number


Item Weight

3.2 pounds

Product Dimensions

4.5 x 4.5 x 102 inches



Monarch Abode

Monarch Abode can trace it roots back to the 1970's and has been synonymous with high-quality, high-value home and garden products ever since. Their product design and manufacturing process has been carefully perfected over the past four decades. Specializing in copper rain chains a, Monarch also manufacturers bird feeders and unique design elements for home interiors.
Monarch Abode


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