MIDWEST Aviation Snips – Left, Right and Straight Cut Offset Cutting Shears

  • Three piece snip set – includes left, right, and center cut offset models. 
  • Long lasting cutting edge – blades are hot drop-forged of molybdenum alloy steel and  heat-treated for maximum strength and durability
  • Strong handles – high tensile strength steel will not bend from hand pressure and provides efficient conversion of hand force to cutting power
  • Comfortable grips – KUSH’N-POWER grips conforms with the motion of the user’s hands and the indented ribs prevent hand and finger slippage
  • Easy cutting – compound leverage multiplies handle force to cutting blades by 8:1 for significantly less fatigue.
  • Made in USA
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MIDWEST offset model aviation snips are “the sheetmetal Tradesman’s choice” because they are truly the easiest models to use in a variety of sheetmetal cutting applications. The offset blade pattern flows material away from the blades, which allows the snip to move forward without any interference when making cuts through long sheets. It also allows the snip to cut tighter curves than other blade pattern models. 

  • Quality Made in USA Aviation SnipsHand fatigue and repetitive motions are common challenges faced by hand-tool users. The Kush’n-Power Grip dynamically conforms with the motion of the user’s hand like a good fitting pair of gloves. The non-absorbent material has a soft touch and feel without being tacky. Non-slip ribs are spaced to prevent palm or finger slippage.
  • Slide-Tech Forged Blades produce the cleanest, fastest, most comfortable cut possible with less hand force.
  • Kush’n-Power Grips  patented grip design is soft, sturdy, and comfortable for an ideal tool on the job.

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    Midwest Tool & Cutlery

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