Quick Screw 5″ Premium Hidden Rain Gutter Hanger Brackets

  • Fits All 5 inch non plastic K-Style Gutters
  • Large #12 screw, with long Zinc Finish and thread cutting point
  • Screw retention dimple – positive thread engagement, less slipping, firm seating, no overdriving
  • Triple Ribs for strength Make this hanger very strong
  • Splitless Clip – Snags less, installs easier and faster
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Quick Screw Manufacturing
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Quick Screw 5″ Premium Hidden Rain Gutter Hanger Brackets are self-bracing at the greatest stress points. The curved shape gives the body of the hanger greater strength and reinforcing ribs run the entire length of the hanger.

Durability: Screws stay in longer than spikes over time, All aluminum surfaces are corrosive free unlike steel which even if coated will eventually rust.

Fast, Easy, Blemish Free installation: The angled screw design is superior to straight hangers or spikes, the screw is held precisely while allowing the drill driver bit holder to clear the gutters outer edge.

Attractive Appearance: Completely invisible from below the eave once installed. Fits tightly in the gutter nose & clips snugly to the back of the gutter.

These gutter hanger brackets come with a pre inserted 3″ long, 1/4 ” hex head self piercing screw with a taller head than the competition for more rapid and better tool engagement and increased tool life. It also keeps the screws from slipping out of the drivers as easily. For installation directly through the fascia into the rafter end with 1-3/8″ total penetration depth. Recommended hanger spacing is 24″ on centers.

Great for straight or angled fascia boards and re-enforcing existing gutters. Preferred by gutter contractors throughout the United States.

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9 x 4 x 6 inches

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3.11 pounds


Quick Screw Manufacturing

Quick Screw Manufacturing


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