Rain barrels are perfect for all gardeners, you can divert the overflow into a nearby pond, rain garden, or flower bed. For gardens watering, a great option for keeping expenses down and environmentally friendliness up, is to use a recycled food safe barrel as a water collection storage container.

Rain Barrels are fun for everyone, they are great for kids to learn the importance of saving H2O. They also are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money!

  • Easy on-and-off twist top lid
  • Plastic mesh screen
  • Overflow valve
  • Downspout adapter
  • Sealed with waterproof caulk.
  • Brass Spigot (installed)

There are many uses and reasons to install a rain barrel. They help save you money and prevent stormwater runoff onto your property. Connect two rain barrels together and have twice the capacity. Some other uses for recycled rain collection barrels are:

  • Collect water for watering plants
  • Use the water collected for washing equipment or vehicles
  • Rinsing exterior surfaces of your home or out buildings

Is it safe to drink the water from a recycled barrel used for rainwater collection?

Under no circumstances is it recommended to drink water from a recycled rain barrel. The rocks in the lid are meant to filter out debris to keep the water inside your barrel clean, neither this filter nor the spigot are not intended for potable water or make it safe to drink from your rain barrel at any time.

Are there rain collection barrels that can used for drinking (potable) water?

Yes, there are other manufacturers, like Baytec that offer drinking safe water storage solutions.

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