FlexxPoint High Clearance 30-Year Gutter Cover System

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Blocks all types of debris. Clog free, high-volume water flow that are easy to Install and cannot be seen from the ground. Made from premium domestic aluminum that does void roof warranties when permanently installed.

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  • Blocks all types of debris.
  • Clog free, High volume water flow.
  • Easy to Install, High Clearance Design Clears High Profile Brackets
  • Cannot be seen from the ground, Made from Premium Domestic Aluminum
  • Does NOT void roof warranties, Permanently installs, Easy to handle 4-foot sections
  • Now with STAINLESS STEEL fasteners, Factory Direct, Made in the USA
  • Available in White, Matte Aluminum, and Thermal Thaw Black.

FlexxPoint Gutter Covers LLC. is a small, hands-on, family owned and operated manufacturer of premium, heat treated, aluminum gutter covers. With the confidence of our no questions asked 30 year warranty, FlexxPoint Gutter Covers have been installed on over 25,000 homes in the USA.

Manufactured in our Huron, Ohio manufacturing facility and ship them direct to contractors and homeowners across the country. FlexxPoint mounts permanently and securely to the front lip of the gutter system and mounts directly into the fascia board with provided stainless steel fasteners. Flexxpoints High Clearance design easily clears high profile gutter mounting brackets Once installed, it is a permanent addition to your gutter system; never having to be removed.

FlexxPoint gutter covers will NOT void roof warranties unlike other products that slide under shingles. Our unique 3-Point design prevents water overflow and potential foundation damage by acting as dams, slowing water flow over the cover allowing full drainage into your gutters, even when covered by wet leaves and debris. FlexxPoint Gutter Covers will never clog, as FlexxPoints 3-point design allows airflow by elevating wet leaves and other debris off of the cover surface, preventing them from sticking to the cover. Over time, light wind and other natural elements simply blow away the dried leaves and debris. We back our product with a 30 year product defect and performance warranty.

Note: Tools recommended for installation include: Cordless Drill/Driver with ¼” Magnetic Hex Head Driver, Ladder, Tin Snips, Gloves and Safety Glasses. Please follow recommended ladder safety procedures.

FlexxPoint Gutter Covers are also available in 6” commercial size.

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Gutter Size


Screws Required


Section Length


Gutter Shape

K-Style, K-Type

Profile Design



30 Year

Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎47 x 7 x 4 inches

Weather Volume

High Volume

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FlexxPoint Gutter Covers bring real peace of mind to homeowners around the world who need a gutter protection system that really works the first time and every time. FlexxPoint keeps debris out of gutters, allowing nothing but water to flow freely through the gutter system.

Install FlexxPoint and put an end to gutter cleaning. Imagine, no more dangerous trips up the ladder, lower your maintenance costs, and decrease the hassles. Even better, FlexxPoint installation won't void your roof warranty, and it won't decrease the appeal of your home.


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    Great product, easy to install!

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