Looking for an easy do it yourself solution to draining rainwater away from your home and foundation utilizing a French drain system, blended into the landscaping surrounding your home?

What is a “French Drain” – a French drain provides a solution for basements that admit water through the foundation. In these “wet” basements, water presses against the foundation and gradually leaks through. With a French drain, however, water near the foundation can be rerouted and deposited elsewhere.

The above video highlights the building of a French drain, done by a DIY user who regularly posts on YouTube. This project acts as a great yard drainage solution as well as a low maintenance river rock landscaping option.

All gutter installations will include downspouts to route the water from the gutters along the edge of the roof. Downspouts do just what you would think, move the water down from the upper level of the home to either the lower level roof areas or the ground itself.

Where the downspouts meet the ground, its best to further route the water away from the home. There are many options for doing this, downspout extensions, which are just additional downspout material bent outwards away from the house is the simplest method. These types of extensions are usually done by gutter installers at the time of installation. While simple extensions work in the short term, they often are damaged by lawn equipment, excessive wind speeds, falling branches, etc. French drains are a great alternative since they move the water away from the home under the surface of lawn or landscaping.

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